B3: Better Billing Bulletin

Vol. 26
Jan. 2010

Legal Aid Ontario's Lawyer Services & Payments Department (LSP) is happy to bring you this monthly Better Billing Bulletin. It's meant to provide you and your staff with information regarding tariff and billing practices. We hope you'll find it useful.

B3 Discretion Requests made simple!!

Should your account exceed the Tariff maximum and you would like LAO to consider paying the account billed with discretion, please complete and attach this Discretion Request Form together with your detailed dockets when submitting your account Online.

B3 Discretion Review Requests made simple!!

If you are dissatisfied with the settlement of a discretion account, you may request a review within 60 days of payment by using the Discretion Review Form.

B3 Retroactive Discretion Requests made simple!!

If an account was settled at the Tariff maximum because you did not include a request for discretion with your account, you may submit a discretion request using the Retroactive Discretion Request Form. You must submit the form together with your detailed account for consideration of the outstanding balance within 60 days of settlement.

B3 Disbursement Requests made simple!!!

We’ve created Disbursement Forms for you to use when requesting disbursement authorizations for transcripts, translations, paternity tests and experts. Please use these forms for disbursements that require authorization.

B3 For Speedy Payment, Attach Your Detailed Accounts Online

We are recommending you attach your detailed accounts Online each time you submit an account. Attaching detailed accounts Online at the time you submit your account saves time and money. Attaching your detailed accounts Online will reduce the number of calls from us and help speed up your payment.

Detailed accounts are required whenever you request discretion and if you become subject to a random or targeted post-payment examination.

For support regarding attaching detailed accounts, contact the Lawyer Service Centre (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934 or review Better Billing Bulletin Vol. 10.

Please ensure your detailed accounts conform to Legal Aid Tariff and Billing Handbook guidelines.

B3 Mandatory Online billing

As of January 1, 2010, LAO requires you submit all accounts electronically Online. There are three exceptions to this rule. If you are suspended from billing Online, if you are submitting a late billed account, or if you have more than 5 separate criminal proceedings to bill on an account, you must submit accounts by paper until further notice. If a paper account is received that is not one of the exceptions, LAO will return the paper account with a request that you enter the account electronically Online. Please contact the Lawyer Service Centre for information regarding billing Online. (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934.

B3 Post-Payment Examination

As part of Legal Aid’s billing requirements, all account details must be typed. As of January 1st, 2010, any dockets that are not typed will not be examined and the account failed, resulting in recovery of funds. A one-time exception may be made on request – please contact the Post-Payment Examination Office at (416) 979-2352 at extension 6530 or 6455. If you require a simple Excel spreadsheet to enter your account details, please contact Tina Perera, Manager, Post-Payment Examination, at extension 6367.

B3 Tariff & Billing Handbook

Consult our Handbook regularly for billing information.

Please let us know if you have questions or if there are topics you'd like to see us cover by contacting the
Lawyer Service Centre (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934