B3: Better Billing Bulletin

Vol. 25
Dec. 2009

Legal Aid Ontario's Lawyer Services & Payments Department (LSP) is happy to bring you this monthly Better Billing Bulletin. It's meant to provide you and your staff with information regarding tariff and billing practices. We hope you'll find it useful.

B3 Late Billing Reduction Initiative

We currently receive on average 10 late billed accounts a day. Late billed accounts result in delayed or denied payment and are costly to process. We would like to reduce the number of late billed accounts. The Lawyer Service Centre will be contacting late billers over the next three months to ensure a greater understanding of the late billing rule and to support billing on time. If you are a late biller, please review our Late Billing Rule. The rule is being strictly enforced.

We’ve prepared some Helpful Hints to assist you with identifying and monitoring your billing deadlines. If you use other methods for monitoring these deadlines and would like to share them with your colleagues, please send them to us. (LSPLink@lao.on.ca)

B3 Getting paid - our time commitments to you!

We are trying very hard to pay you faster. If your account is within tariff and submitted Online correctly, it will ‘match’ and we will pay your account within 24 to 28 days.

If your account fails to 'match' Online, it becomes part of our 'match exceptions' inventory of unpaid accounts that staff must examine. We aim to pay 70% of these accounts within 30 days and 90% within 60 days, providing we receive all the information required such as a discretion letter and detailed accounts.

We are running two to three weeks behind and apologize for the delay.

Accounts by Region Processing by Date of Receipt Indicator
  60 days or less
  60 to 90 days
  90 days or more
GTA Region September 16 - 30    
SouthWest Region September 16 - 30    
Central East & North Region September 16 - 30    

You can help us help you by always attaching your account details and discretion letter to your Online accounts. This is the number one reason for delays in payment. Attach your account details and discretion letter to your Online accounts please! You’ll be happy you did!!

If you are experiencing financial hardship and your account is outside our 60 days processing time frame, please e-mail Chris Carter at carterc1@lao.on.ca with a brief explanation of your situation.

If you have an inquiry regarding an unpaid account or would like to learn how to attach account details and discretion letters to your Online account, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934.

B3 Tariff & Billing Handbook

Consult our Handbook regularly for billing information.

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to you and yours from Lawyer Services & Payments!!

Please let us know if you have questions or if there are topics you'd like to see us cover by contacting the
Lawyer Service Centre (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934