B3: Better Billing Bulletin

Vol. 13
Dec. 2008

Legal Aid Ontario's Lawyer Services & Payments Department (LSP) is happy to bring you this monthly Better Billing Bulletin. It's meant to provide you and your staff with information regarding tariff and billing practices. We hope you'll find it useful.

B3 Better Billing web conference

Lawyer Services and Payments organizes civil and criminal law web conferences aimed at supporting your billing practices. The conferences, an hour in length, provide tips to help you address the most common billing errors that slow down payment of your accounts. We recently completed a sixth webcast attended by 15 civil lawyers and staff. Lawyers and staff find these web conferences very helpful. If you or your staff would like to attend a conference, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre, (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934. Depending on demand, we will organize a webcast in January.

B3 Disbursements: pre-authorized

All pre-authorized disbursements are contained in the pop-up list which appears when you select a disbursement Online. If a disbursement is not on this list or exceeds the pre-authorized limits set out in the Tariff and Billing Handbook, you must request prior authorization before billing for that disbursement. You can request prior authorization by faxing your request to the Disbursement Team (416) 204-4739 or 416-979-8562. If you are unsure if a disbursement requires authorization, please contact the Disbursement Team Admin (416) 979-2352 ex5000 or 1-800-668-8258 ex5000 prior to submitting the account. If you submit an account with a disbursement not authorized, payment can be delayed by several weeks.

B3 Better Billing Bulletin turns one year!!

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