Reminder: Submit your certificate-related documents through the certificate tab of Legal Aid Online for faster service

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You can now send your certificate-related documents, and other correspondence, directly to the right office or department for processing. Simply select the appropriate tab (see illustration below for details) and follow the instructions for faster service.

Refer to the instructions for immigration and refugee documents or the family and civil portal attachment job aid, and how to use the communications tab before submitting your documents.

Screenshot of the menu options with Certificate and communication highlighted. For the certificate tab you have the option to submit documents for Immigration and refugee materials such as, RAD, RPD and other immigration hearings, orders or authorization requests, CFSA,FLA and civil opinion letters, CFSA,FLA and civil authorization requests, CCB and ORB opinion and authorization requests, and Materials regarding certificate coverage. For the communication tab you can submit documents for Lawyer Services & Payments correspondence including invoices, dockets, payment and discretion requests, reviews, disbursement requests, costs and settlements, Audit & Compliance responses, Mid-level and big case management budget requests, Big case managed appeal opinion letters, and Protocol case documents.