Legal Aid Online account submission process updates

Monday, January 30, 2017

Beginning January 30, all new accounts submissions on Legal Aid Online will display a warning about the possible consequences of entering incorrect information. In some cases, the individuals submitting the account will be required to identify themselves.

Prior to submitting an account for payment:

  • If the acknowledging lawyer is submitting the account, they will be required to declare they have reviewed it for accuracy

  • If an individual is submitting the account on the lawyer’s behalf, they will be required to enter their name, contact information and declare that the acknowledging lawyer has reviewed the account for accuracy.

This declaration and identification request is similar to the process found in LawPro declarations.

Legal Aid Ontario has implemented these changes to make clear the possible consequences of entering incorrect information in Legal Aid Online. Lawyers must be aware that it is the acknowledging lawyer’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information, regardless of who entered the account.