Legal Aid Ontario funds Toronto East Employment Law Services at six East Toronto legal aid clinics

Friday, December 4, 2015

Flemingdon, Neighbourhood Legal Services, East Toronto, Willowdale, Scarborough and West Scarborough community legal clinics have joined forces to provide the working poor in their neighbourhoods with employment law services.

“Up until now, Ontario’s clinics have supported their clients primarily in the traditional areas of poverty law, such as social assistance, income maintenance, housing, landlord and tenant and some immigrant and refugee law matters,” says John McCamus, Chair of Legal Aid Ontario.

“Now all the general service clinics east of Yonge to the Durham border are not only joining the increasing number of clinics forging partnerships to increase access to justice in Ontario—they are adding support for low-income Ontarians in an entirely new area of law.”

The clinics have worked together to create a new initiative, Toronto East Employment Law Services (TEELS), which will pilot for one year. The TEELS staff includes an employment law lawyer who will work out of the East Toronto Legal Clinic as well as a community worker experienced in outreach and law reform services to work out of West Scarborough legal clinics.

“We thank Legal Aid Ontario and the government for supporting a pilot that will provide those who suffer the most from precarious employment with a fulltime lawyer and community worker to provide advice, referrals and public legal information,” says Marjorie Hiley, Executive Director, Flemingdon Community Legal Services.

Legal Aid Ontario is supporting TEELS with its funding from the province to expand financial eligibility.

TEELS’ employment law lawyer will be available at:

For further information, contact Marjorie Hiley, Executive Director of Flemingdon Community Legal Services.