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Change of Solicitor forms available on Legal Aid Online

Posted on: Monday, June 10, 2013

Starting June 10, 2013, lawyers will be able to immediately access and submit their responses to change-of-solicitor requests through Legal Aid Online.

The online form will allow for immediate, direct electronic submission to LAO. The new process eliminates the need to print and fax or mail forms. Online submission ensures quicker, more efficient responses to change of solicitor-related communications, allowing LAO to deliver timely decisions.

Lawyers will soon be able to access Lawyer Response as well as the Change of Solicitor forms sent by LAO through the Certificate Amend/Authorization page on Legal Aid Online. They will then have seven days to submit their response online.

This new functionality on Legal Aid Online will provide lawyers with a centralized location to help track change of solicitor requests and responses to LAO.

Lawyers will be notified when this functionality is available. A podcast detailing how to access, complete and submit change-of-solicitor response forms online will be made available at that time.


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