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Introducing LAO’s Provincial Case Management Office

Posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LAO’s Provincial Case Management Office (PCMO) provides management of high cost/high risk big criminal cases. In late 2012, the division became accountable for all homicide trial and appeal cases.

The division is responsible for three main business functions: Litigation Services (MCMO), Business Development Services (BDI) and Case Management Services (CMLG).

Case Management Services (Case Management & Litigation Group)

The Case Management and Litigation Group manages all homicide trial and homicide appeal cases regardless of cost level, and cases for other criminal charges that reach the Big Case Management threshold of $20,000. Cases with a projected cost of over $20,000 are managed under the Big Case Management (BCM) program and homicide cases with a projected cost of $8,000 to $20,000 are managed under the Mid-level Case Management program.

The Case Management & Litigation Group also manages the Protocol Case program on behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) and Department of Justice Canada (DOJ).

Business Development Services (Business Development & Innovation Office)

The Business Development & Innovation Office develops and implements business process improvements and supports the division’s projects and initiatives.

Litigation Services (Major Case Management Office)

The Major Case Management Office provides direct service delivery in serious criminal cases through senior criminal staff lawyers. These staff lawyers address service gaps by working on cases in which finding counsel is difficult, such as in remote areas, or involving hard- to- serve clients.


To improve efficiency and service levels to clients and service providers, PCMO implemented a regional structure for case management. Each region is lead by a Regional Manager who has responsibility to ensure that appropriate resources are available to lawyers to provide high quality and effective service to their clients in homicide cases and other cases that qualify for LAO’s big case management program.

Lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area account for approximately 79% of all lawyers working on big cases. Therefore, the GTA has been divided into three regions.

  • Denise Tarka, Regional Manager GTA is responsible for lawyers in large criminal law firms and lawyers whose surnames begin with A-K
  • Tom Leroy, Regional Manager GTA is responsible for lawyers whose surnames begin with L-Z
  • Wayne van der Meide, Regional Manager is responsible for lawyers in all other areas of the province.


For more information please contact:

Charles Lafortune
Director General, Provincial Case Management Office