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Complex Case Rate billing tips

Posted on: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If you are a lawyer on the Complex Case Rate (CCR) panel, the following tips may help ensure you receive this enhanced rate for all eligible CCR cases.

  • Bill at the CCR from the start. LAO can not retroactively adjust your fee upward to the CCR if you bill according to LAO’s normal tariff rate.

  • First and second degree murder cases are automatically eligible for the CCR. Wait until your case has been accepted into the BCM program before you bill.

  • Submit your applications for any cases to be considered under the CCR as soon as possible. This will allow you to enough time to receive LAO’s decision before you are ready to bill.

  • Check your accounts regularly through Legal Aid Online to confirm that you are being paid at the correct rate for CCR eligible cases. If you have an account for an eligible CCR case that does not reflect the enhanced rate, contact LAO’s Case Management and Litigation Department at 416-979-2352, ext. 6493.

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For questions or further information, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 1 866 979-9934 or 416 979-9934 in Toronto.