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New LSUC lawyer status verification

Posted on: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has developed a new initiative with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to verify the status of panel lawyers through an automated system.

When lawyers sign on to Legal Aid Online, they will be prompted to provide their LSUC number if their name or LSUC number don’t match our records.

LAO developed this new electronic application to continuously verify and confirm the LSUC status for empanelled LAO lawyers. It will not affect billings or certificate acknowledgements.

Among its benefits, it provides an easily accessible and efficient means for LAO to check a lawyer’s LSUC status, while maximizing the use of technology and supporting due diligence. It also provides LAO with an accurate picture of a lawyer's LSUC status, thereby helping the organization to ensure high-quality service for LAO clients.

LSUC governs Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals in the public interest by ensuring that the people of Ontario are served by lawyers and paralegals who meet high standards of learning, competence and professional conduct.


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