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LAO launches wireless in the courthouse pilot

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beginning this fall, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will be assessing the considerable benefits of fast, reliable wireless technology in the courthouse.  LAO is conducting a year-long pilot in the Brampton and Durham Region courthouses to determine how wireless devices can help LAO staff improve communication and workflow, and introduce efficiencies to better support the work of the courts.

LAO staff in these courthouses will be provided with a secure wireless network, mini-laptops and tablets. LAO has confirmed that these devices do not interfere with existing courtroom technology, such as recorders and video equipment.

Over the next year, LAO aims to roll out processes and software that will permit staff access to research materials, precedents, certificate status and client history. Currently, these resources are only available to them through a “wired” computer.

After this pilot project ends, LAO will work with the Ministry of the Attorney General to measure its benefits and assess next steps.

This “wireless in the courthouse” pilot supports LAO’s ongoing strategy to improve client services using cost-effective technology.


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