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Update: Sixty-one per cent of applications approved for CCR panel

Posted on: Thursday, February 9, 2012

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has approved more than half the applications it has received from lawyers who wish to be admitted to LAO’s Complex Case Rate (CCR) panel.

The organization has been accepting applications since last April, when the panel was created, to allow only experienced lawyers to undertake cases that meet certain criteria of seriousness and complexity. Panel members can bill above the normal tariff for work done on complex cases, ensuring that legal aid clients have access to high-quality representation.

To date, LAO has received 113 panel membership applications, 70 of which have been approved, 12 refused, 2 withdrawn and 29 are still under review. Applicants who have been approved have an average of 23 years experience, while over 70 per cent have conducted more than ten murder trials. Eighty-one percent of panel members are from the GTA.

The CCR is part of the January 2010 Memorandum of Understanding between LAO, the CLA and the Ministry of the Attorney General. For further information on the Complex Case Rate, visit


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