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New: Late billed accounts now accepted online

Posted on: Monday, February 6, 2012

Changes to Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO) billing rules now mean lawyers can submit late accounts through Legal Aid Online.

As of February 5, 2012, lawyers are requested to forward all late-billed accounts through Legal Aid Online instead of by fax or mail. Using the web-based billing tool to submit invoices that have passed the billing deadline promotes efficiency, as LAO receives the accounts immediately instead of in hours or several days. This means staff receive the accounts sooner, are able to process them faster and can pay lawyers for services rendered much quicker.

In the interest of making speedier payments for certificate services, LAO will no longer process late accounts received by fax or mail on or after February 5, 2012. Lawyers whose late accounts have been received on or after this date will be advised in writing to submit their accounts online. LAO would also like to remind lawyers to continue to include the reason why the account was submitted late, as well as any other required information.


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