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New! Electronic certificate documents available next week

Posted on: Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting next week, lawyers who accept legal aid work will receive completed certificate documents through Legal Aid Online instead of by mail.

Certificate documents, including amendment and authorization refusals, notices of reactivation, intent to cancel, cancellations, terminations and consent and declaration documents are now available electronically. Through Legal Aid Online, lawyers can review the decisions made on their certificates and easily download or print a copy for offline archiving. Lawyers who subscribe to email or SMS notifications will receive instantaneous updates when changes are made to their certificates.

All lawyer accounts with a solicitor number for Legal Aid Online will automatically be transferred to the new electronic certificate system; no action needs to be taken on your part. For help on how to access completed certificates, please watch the following video or contact the Lawyer Service Centre.


Electronic certificate documents are one of several innovations that LAO has introduced along with criminal matter request forms to enhance how lawyers interact with Legal Aid Online.


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