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LAO billing limit now measured in dollars

Posted on: Friday, December 16, 2011

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is updating its annual billing limit of 2,350 hours to a dollar value to accommodate the organization’s criminal block fee program.

As 70 per cent of criminal cases are now paid at fixed rates, maintaining the current system means converting block fees to hourly equivalents – a time-consuming, complex process. Moving to a system based on dollars is easier to understand and administer, which will make tracking the annual billing limit simpler for both lawyers and LAO staff.

Billing limits will be based on a lawyer’s maximum tier level for the relevant fiscal year multiplied by 2,350 hours – the present annual limit. Lawyers whose tier level changes during the year will generally benefit as the higher tier level will be applied for services rendered. However, an exemption request is possible for service providers with special circumstances in relation to a certificate or those whose billings include northern or complex case rates.


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