LAO Newsroom

Notice to lawyers regarding block fee billing

Posted on: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) would like to remind panel members that, as it was prior to block fee implementation, lawyers may not bill or be paid twice for the same court attendance. Where charges covered under more than one certificate are resolved together (i.e. in the same court on the same day), lawyers may only bill the resolution court attendance once. Likewise, bail hearings blocks Judicial Pretrial and Gladue blocks may only be billed once, in respect of one court attendance.

LAO only pays one block or hourly fee for any court attendance. This is the case for both payment systems, tariff/hourly and block. To assist with billing practices, Lawyer Services and Payments has sent the criminal panel members a letter setting out some common billing scenarios and detailing our policies regarding billing multiple criminal charges authorized on more than one LAO certificate.

If you are unsure of all the rules related to block fees, please review Chapter 2: Hourly Tariff and Block Fee Billing of the Tariff and Billing Handbook on LAO’s website.