LAO enhancing family law services

Posted on: Friday, November 11, 2011

Since 2009, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has been working with the Ministry of the Attorney General to expand and enhance services for clients with family law matters, and help meet a growing need for family law services in Ontario.

Starting this fall, LAO is offering eligible clients greater up-front information, more comprehensive resources and referrals, and expanded summary advice services across Ontario. These enhancements are aimed at promoting early resolution, allowing clients to make more informed decisions about their legal matters, and helping families to avoid adversarial court processes where possible. LAO’s enhancements complement the province’s recent expansion of mediation and information services and will ensure that low-income clients have a range of options available to resolve their disputes.

The new and enhanced family services offered through LAO and the Ministry of the Attorney General are designed to operate seamlessly for the client. Clients will be screened for legal and financial eligibility, and then directed to the service and resource most appropriate for their case. Enhanced LAO resources include LAO’s online Family Law Information Program, mediation services and family summary legal advice. In some cases, family legal advice and information can be provided to clients over the phone, toll-free (1-800-668-8258). LAO is also strengthening the duty counsel program and will be providing additional resources to support mediation services throughout the province.

LAO is committed to providing the legal support that family clients need. At any point of contact, clients with CFSA matters, victims of domestic violence or mental health issues, will receive priority assistance to determine the most appropriate service for their matter. Family law certificates will continue to be issued for these and other appropriate or complex cases.


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