Toll-free Summary Legal Advice Service Provides Over 300 Assists in November

Posted on: Friday, December 17, 2010

LAO continues to enhance its toll-free summary legal advice service to provide more assists to low-income Ontarians. During the month of November, LAO’s toll-free staff lawyers provided a total of 309 assists - 203 assists to clients with criminal law matters and 103 assists to clients with family matters.

Through LAO’s toll-free summary legal advice service, eligible clients can get timely and convenient access to family and criminal legal advice. Clients can access the service from anywhere in Ontario, from their home or a location where they feel most comfortable. Providing summary legal advice over the phone eliminates transportation or mobility barriers that some clients may face.  

LAO’s telephone summary legal advice service helps clients to make informed decisions about their legal matter.  It prepares them for the next steps in the legal process and helps them to resolve their matter faster.