Peel and North York Family Law Service Centres (FLSC) Host Open Houses

Posted on: Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Law Service Centres (FLSC) offer a broader range of services such as mediation and settlement conferences so clients have an alternative to going to court with their family law issues. The centres are a one-stop resources for clients seeking information, support and family legal services, and each client will be provided a focused intervention at the outset to determine how LAO can help.

The new Peel and North York Family Law Centres (FLSC) both had their open house celebrations this past November.

Peel FLSC open house

On Tuesday November 16, Brampton and Mississauga stakeholders and visitors attended the Peel FLSCís open house.

The lawyer-manager of the office, Gerard Michaud, welcomed everyone and introduced the speakers, including Vicki Moretti, VP of GTA Region, Fiona Docherty, Acting Supervisory Family Duty Counsel and Anisa Ali, Mediator.

During the speeches, visitors learned more about what types of services the FLSC offers, and the changes that have taken place at LAO over the last several months.

North York FLSC open house

North York FLSC had their open house the following Tuesday, November 23.

Vanessa DíSouza, lawyer-manager of the North York FLSC, opted for a more casual meet-and-greet gathering, due to space restrictions. Bob Ward, President and CEO of Legal Aid Ontario and Vicki Moretti, Vice President of GTA Region at LAO made informal remarks.

Family Law Service Centres

Family Law Service Centres (FLSC) offer eligible clients a range of legal resources and support for family matters, including:

  • help with documents
  • referrals to advice counsel
  • full representation in family law cases by a staff lawyer
  • referral to a private lawyer who does legal aid work, if eligible
  • mediation and settlement conferences