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LAO amends block fee charge list

Posted on: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LAO has been consulting with the criminal bar regarding the nature and complexity of criminal charges within the block fee pilot. As a result, LAO has decided to amend the list of charges within the pilot by:

  • Removing eighteen of the most serious and complex charges from the block fee pilot entirely. Certificates for these charges will be paid according to the regular criminal tariff.
  • Establishing a new block fee for two comparatively complex charges that remain within the pilot: assault resist arrest and assault police charges.

LAO made these changes in order to refocus the pilot on the least complex criminal certificates and to improve the data generated by the pilot.

The charges that have been removed were typically the most expensive cases within the pilot. As a result, LAO has had to recalculate the block fees for the charges that remain eligible for block fees. LAO has also calculated the new block fees payable on assault resist arrest and assault police matters in accordance with our financial model.

These changes will be implemented September 20th.

A summary of these changes is available here:
BF Charge List -- Revised Sept 15 2010.pdf

LAO’s letter to the Criminal Lawyers’ Association explaining these changes in more detail is available here: