French toll-free advice lines praised by FLS Commissioner

Posted on: Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ontario’s French Language Services Commissioner recently highlighted Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)-sponsored French toll-free advice lines as a “noteworthy initiative” in his 2009-10 Annual Report. Read the full annual report  or see the relevant extract below.

6.1.2 French Toll-free Telephone Lines for Ontario Legal Aid

In 2009, the government announced that it was going ahead with the transformation of the legal aid system. Over the past year, Legal Aid Ontario has funded projects to enhance French-language service delivery through its legal aid clinics.

Community legal aid clinics in Vanier, Toronto, and Sudbury have introduced French toll-free legal aid telephone lines. These clinics play a key role in the administration of justice in Ontario. In light of this, Legal Aid Ontario has been listening to the members of advisory committees, three of which deal with French-language services, and to stakeholders in the context of the Strategic Plan undertaken by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Chapter 6, page 51
Highlights and Best Practices

Legal Aid Ontario is responding to the needs of the francophone community by funding these French toll-free legal advice lines. They provide increased access to the type of legal services handled by community legal clinics for the francophone community, especially those living in un-serviced or under-serviced areas of Ontario.

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