Call for Nominations for the Sidney B. Linden Award 2010

Posted on: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Broadening the Pool of Candidates with New Selection Criteria

Itís time once again for the Sidney B. Linden Award. Please find the nomination form here - the deadline for nomination submissions is Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

What has changed?

  • In the past, only lawyers in the private sector could be recognized for this award. However, LAO is moving in a direction where other members of the legal aid family such as clinic staff, paralegals and other non-lawyers are making greater contributions to direct service delivery. As a result, the Selection Committee Terms of Reference have been updated to include individuals at LAO, Student Legal Aid Societies (SLASS) and community legal clinic staff, academics and non-lawyers, resulting in a wider, more varied pool of eligible nominees.
  • The frequency of the award has changed. Originally the Sidney B. Linden Award took place annually, but is now an event that happens every second year.

Legal Aid Ontario created the Sidney B. Linden Award to honour exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to helping low-income people and given their time, expertise, and/or service to ensuring access to justice in Ontario. The award is named in honour of Legal Aid Ontario's first chair of the board of directors, Justice Sidney B. Linden, who has been involved with legal aid for over 30 years and whose distinguished professional career has been characterized by a genuine commitment to issues concerning access to justice.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is an independent government funded organization with a mandate to promote access to justice for low-income Ontarians. Each year, LAO provides nearly one million legal assists to people across Ontario through a network of district and courthouse offices, community and specialty legal clinics, student legal aid societies and duty counsel services in every courthouse in Ontario, including 31 fly-in locations.