LAO increases access points for residents in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark counties

Posted on: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“Legal Aid Ontario is committed to the use of innovation and technology to improve client services, focus resources more efficiently and support justice system reforms.”
» Bob Ward, President and CEO, Legal Aid Ontario

“LAO is tailoring service in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark and looks forward to working with the community partners to ensure low-income Ontarians continue to receive the help they need.”
» Nathalie Champagne, District Area Director, Ottawa District.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is changing how it delivers its services in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark counties. In keeping with our mandate to provide high quality and cost-efficient legal aid services, LAO is using technology and innovation to streamline administration and increase front line client services to make legal aid help and information more easily available for low-income Ontarians.

More options for legal aid help and information

Ontarians in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark now have a full-range of legal aid services available to them through LAO’s toll-free number (Dial 1-800-668-8258 and press 0) connecting clients and lawyers to legal aid representatives located throughout the province. Eligible clients can receive summary advice and apply for legal aid in 120 languages. The service provides a more convenient point of contact for people in the community who face transportation challenges. LAO’s updated website (www.legalaid.on.) provides an additional resource for legal information for both clients and lawyers.

LAO in the courthouse

Residents can also receive more direct legal aid help through Legal Aid Ontario’s duty counsel program -- which offers immediate legal assistance to low-income people who appear in court without a lawyer. Duty counsel services will be expanded in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark counties so that residents may receive legal aid help and advice even faster. LAO is also making in-person legal aid assistance more readily available by expanding its presence in the courthouses in Brockville and Perth. LAO is committed to maintaining a permanent presence in Leeds-Grenville and Lanark counties to serve the residents of these communities.

Improved management of legal aid services

Legal Aid Ontario’s new service delivery model improves the management of legal aid services and service providers across the province. Leeds-Grenville and Lanark are now part of the Ottawa District. The Ottawa District office will act as the district hub and support service providers, manage client services and build partnerships with local justice stakeholder in these counties.

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