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Now available: Better, faster certificate acknowledgement

Posted on: Monday, November 23/09

LAO has enhanced the certificate acknowledgment process so lawyers may view certificates waiting to be acknowledged, in addition to area office approved amendments and authorizations.

In July, LAO added a feature to Legal Aid Online allowing lawyers to view snapshots of certificates with status, dates and pertinent information. The enhancement means that lawyers no longer have to wait to contact area offices for decisions on amendment requests and certificate updates. It also means that lawyers with Legal Aid Online ID no longer receive paper documentation for these decisions, which helps reduce administrative costs.

The process now enables lawyers to view and access online the certificates for which they have been assigned as the lawyer of choice.

As with newly approved amendments and authorizations, lawyers can choose to be automatically notified by email; however, now they can also opt for text message alerts. Client information is not disclosed in these messages so they will not violate client confidentiality.

Enhancing e-certificate transactions is part of LAO ongoing efforts to use technology to modernize the way it does business, and make legal aid work easier for lawyers. The initiative also allows for quicker action to be taken on legal aid cases, which promotes faster resolution and supports the province’s strategy to reduce court delays by 30 per cent.

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