Major Case Management Office

Updated on: Monday, November 30 , 2009

LAO is moving ahead with the creation of the Major Case Management Office (MCMO). The first responses to the request for Expressions of Interest for Criminal Litigation Contractors have been received and reviewed. LAO extends its thanks to all applicants.

Qualified lawyers are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for the position. Criminal Litigation Contractors from the private bar will provide legal services for serious cases, as needed, for clients who currently cannot retain qualified counsel on legal aid certificates.

In addition, applications are being reviewed and assessed for two full time employment opportunities for staff Criminal Counsel, Major Case Management Office, which were previously posted.

The successful candidates will be responsible for supporting the Major Case Management Office, conducting litigation of serious criminal trials, including homicides, and providing oversight and management of other cases.


For background information about the Major Case Management Office please follow this link.