Information for lawyers

Case Management

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) provides case management programs for criminal and family panel lawyers who take on certain costly and complex cases and proceedings.

For criminal matters, LAO provides:

  • Big Case Management (BCM), which may set budget limits for the most costly and complex criminal trial defences that LAO funds – criminal cases expected to cost more than $20,000 (for non‑homicide cases) or $30,000 (for homicide cases).
  • Mid‑level case management, for complex criminal cases, such as homicide, sexual assault, and offenses committed with firearms, that are likely to fall above $8,000 and below the Big Case Management threshold. Some criminal matters will be streamed to mid‑level case management for assessment and management.

For family disputes, LAO provides family case management for Child, Youth and Family Services Act extended society care matters likely to cost more than $8,000.

These initiatives provide lawyers with cost certainty and the resources they require for these complex proceedings. They also help LAO ensure cost‑effective, high‑quality legal services for its low‑income clients, comply with the requirements of the Legal Aid Services Act regarding discretionary payments, gain greater certainty and control over case costs, and simplify billing and payment processes.