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Online Billing notice

Please note: Legal Aid Online is currently unable to accept forms containing macros

Online billing notice

Please note: Legal Aid Online is currently unable to accept forms containing macros; this includes many of our forms such as the Form 50 and 51 for billing accounts which are programmed to make life easy by containing an “automatic adding” macro. If you are having trouble attaching forms to your account, we suggest saving the form as a Rich Text File (RTF). To do this, select “Save as,” and select RTF under the “Save as Type” drop down, which appears under the “File Name.” Ignore the warning message that appears regarding saving macros; the information in your form will not be lost, it will be saved.

If you have the option, you can also “print” the document to a PDF. To check if you have this ability, select “Print,” and see if “Adobe PDF” appears in your list of printers. Select Adobe PDF, and then save the new PDF file to your desktop or folder. If you do not have a PDF writer there are many options available to you, some free and some that you must pay for. For example: PDF Creator (free) and Adobe Acrobat (paid). Legal Aid Ontario does not support or endorse these products.

Disbursement forms & resources

Disbursement authorization forms:

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Discretion forms

In some cases, where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated, a discretionary increase in payment of an account may be granted where an account has exceeded the tariff maximum for the certificate. If your account exceeds the tariff maximum, and you want to apply for discretion, attach the appropriate form when submitting the account:

For more information on the use of these forms please refer to our Discretion Guidelines.

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