Fact sheets

Making an appeal or complaint

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Legal Aid Ontario has processes in place for people who want to make a complaint about services, or appeal a legal aid decision.

Who can appeal?

It's possible in some cases to appeal a legal aid decision if you:

  • have been refused a certificate due to financial or legal eligibility;
  • disagree with the terms of a contribution agreement;
  • object to the cancellation of a legal aid certificate;
  • disagree with the decision of an area committee.

Read more about the appeals process.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who is unhappy with Legal Aid Ontario services, a community legal clinic or a legal aid lawyer can make a complaint. You can file a complaint if you:

  • are a current or a former legal aid client;
  • have been refused services by Legal Aid Ontario;
  • are affected by Legal Aid Ontario services in any way.

Read more about the complaints process.

The LAO complaints process is not aimed to provide an avenue for disputing the outcome of a formal appeal or reconsideration. In these cases, the complainant will be advised that no action will be taken beyond what was decided in the appeal or reconsideration.