About Legal Aid Ontario

Community legal aid clinics

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) funds Ontario’s legal aid clinics and provides appropriate oversight to ensure value for taxpayers and delivery of high quality legal services to Ontario’s communities.


LAO regularly issues discussion papers and holds province-wide consultations with Ontario’s legal aid clinics, and incorporates the feedback it receives into clinic initiatives.

Performance measures

LAO has developed performance measures that meet LAO’s legislative requirements for the delivery of clinic law services to low-income individuals throughout the province. In July 2016, LAO provided clinics with examples of charts and reports for performance measures which has been previously posted in 2015.


LAO provides Ontario’s legal clinics with annual compensation as well as, when possible and appropriate, funding increases.

Clinic compensation funding framework

LAO’s Clinic Compensation Funding Framework (CCFF) explains how LAO will provide compensation funding for clinics. The framework ensures:

  • clearly defined compensation maximums for clinic positions
  • maintenance of existing funding levels for positions currently funded above the maximum level
  • no clawback on compensation funding when staff turnover results in a lower salary for a new position than the salary earned by the incumbent
  • more flexibility within compensation funding portion of LAO funding
  • elimination of salary compression (inequitably small salary differences between staff at different levels)
  • other sources of funding, pay-for-performance increases and bonus payments allowed

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2016/17 compensation increase

The Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) Board of Directors has approved a two per cent compensation funding increase for eligible clinics.

Eligible clinics that have achieved pay equity will receive a two per cent compensation funding increase retroactive to April 1, 2016.

Eligible clinics that have not achieved pay equity will receive a two per cent increase composed of:

  • a one per cent compensation funding increase retroactive to April 1, 2016, plus
  • a one per cent pay equity funding adjustment for eligible legal aid clinics for the 2017 calendar year.

Funding for clinics’ 2016 pay equity adjustment is already included in clinics’ monthly direct deposits.

More information on clinic compensation.


LAO-Clinic dispute resolution policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear, comprehensive and equitable framework for addressing and resolving situations in which LAO believes that a Clinic is not complying with its obligations.
PDF / March 2002