Infographic: Unite to End Violence against Women

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Infographic: Unite to End Violence against Women

From Nov. 25, the International Day for the Elimination of
Violence against Women, to Dec. 10, Human Rights Day, the
16 Days Campaign is a time to inspire action to end violence
against women and girls around the world.

    • 83% of spousal violence victims are women
    • Forms of violence:
      • emotional abuse
      • financial abuse
      • psychological abuse
      • sexual abuse
      • physical abuse
    • Intimate partner abuse can include:
      • Hitting
      • Pushing
      • Insults
      • Slapping
      • Put-downs
      • Repeated phone calls
      • Threats to harm you
      • Unwanted visits to your home
    • At the point of separation or impending separation from her partner, a woman is most at risk of harm, violence or death
    • 35% of women and girls globally
      experience some form of
      physical and/or sexual
      violence in their lifetime
    • 25% of violent crime victims in Canada were victimized by a family member
    • Costs and consequences of violence against women last for generations
    • 3 times more likely for women to report being beaten, choked, sexually assaulted or threatened with a gun or knife by their partner or ex-partner
    • 2 times more likely for women to say they did not want anyone to find out
    • 6 times more likely for women to say the incident was not reported out of fear of their spouse

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      • 9,289 Family legal aid certificates issued to domestic violence clients in 2014/15

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