Public proceedings of the Board

Meeting of the Board of Directors Retreat and Strategic Planning Session on May 12, 2017


Board members present

John McCamus (Chair), Nancy Cooper, Christa Freiler, Derry Millar, James McNee, Michel Robillard, Ann Marie Yantz, James Yakimovich, David Field (CEO/Ex Officio)

Staff present

Mary-Ann Cocchetto, Stephanie Mealing, Rod Strain

1. Meeting agenda

The meeting agenda was adopted.

2. Conflict of interest

No conflicts of interest were identified.

3. Environmental scan

The Acting Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Compliance, presented the environmental scan. He highlighted the financial eligibility expansion.

4. CEO vision report

The President and CEO presented a report on developing Legal Aid Ontario’s vision, including short-term (two years) priorities and a long-term strategic plan (five to 10 years).

5. Board performance self-assessment

The Board secretary reviewed the results of the board performance assessment tool.