Public proceedings of the Board

Meeting of the Board of Directors on May 12, 2016


Board members present

John McCamus (Chair), Nancy Cooper, Christa Freiler, James McNee, Derry Millar, Michel Robillard, James Yakimovich, David Field (CEO/Ex Officio)

Staff present

Sue McCaffrey, Stephanie Mealing, Michelle Séguin

1. Meeting agenda

The Chair suggested changing the order of agenda items to accommodate the schedule of the Vice-President and CAO. The agenda was approved as amended.

2. Conflict of interest

No conflict of interest was identified.

3. Board of directors’ meetings

The minutes of the February 25, February 26, and April 14, 2016 Board meetings were adopted.

4. President and CEO’s report

4.1 Budget update

The Vice-President and CAO presented a budget update outlining financial pressures. The following pressures have been added to the operating budget estimate previously drawn to the Board’s attention:

  • the tariff increase
  • increased refugee demands
  • new court openings and staffing requirements
  • client needs for family law services
  • over-expenditures on certificates issued as a result of expanded financial and legal eligibility

4.2 Operating deficit update

The Vice-President and CAO presented an update on the year-end operating deficit for 2015/16. Legal Aid Ontario reports back to Treasury Board annually, and will track over—and under—expenditures on its financial statements.


The Board received the President and CEO’s report.

5. Chair’s report

The Board received the Chair’s report.

6. Corporate services reports

6.1 Executive compensation submissions to Treasury Board

The President and CEO presented the Report on Broader Public Sector Compensation Information Questionnaire—LAO Executives. This document is tabled with Treasury Board to provide compensation information on Legal Aid Ontario executive salaries. Legal Aid Ontario is in compliance in applying the appropriate Ontario Public Sector compensation levels.


The Board received the executive compensation submissions to Treasury Board.

6.2 Audit and finance committee meeting

A Board member amended the April 6, 2016, minutes in the outline of the 2016/17 environmental scan section to recognize the significance of stakeholder relations to Legal Aid Ontario.


The minutes of the audit and finance meeting held April 6, 2016, were adopted as amended.

7. Annexes (to be received for information)

The Board received the Group Application Test Case Committee annual report and Parkdale clinic leasing issue annexes.


The Board received the annexes: Group Application Test Case Committee annual report and Report on Parkdale clinic leasing issue.