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Surplus funding recovered from legal clinics

A schedule showing the total amount of funding recovered by LAO from legal clinics as annual community clinic budget surpluses from 2006.

Schedule is below. Recoveries are pooled from clinic under-expenditures. Traditionally, this has been the fund that Regional VPís have used to fund in-year capital requests from clinics, including the cost of IT infrastructure, facilities, leasehold improvements, termination costs, insurance, and any other other in-year requests submitted by clinics.

Fiscal year


2005-06 $558,445.92
2006-07 $930,524.77
2007-08 $358,305.50
2008-09 $920,011.08
2009-10 $2,345,517.14
2010-11 $1,181,317.24
2011-12 $1,212,240.01
2012-13 $1,449,472.80