LAO Express

Vol. 16 - February 2013

LAO expands its interim measures for refugee law services

Based on feedback from the Refugee Lawyers' Association (RLA), Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is expanding the refugee law interim measures pilot announced on January 25, 2013. In addition to Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) services provided by the Refugee Law Office and the Ottawa District office, the expanded pilot enables eligible refugee claimants to receive RAD services from the certificate bar as well.

All applications for RAD certificate coverage, including appeals which originate in the Refugee Law Office and the Ottawa District office, will be assessed for merit by a RAD review committee. The review committee will consist of lawyers with refugee knowledge and experience.

The RAD pilot has a $500,000 capped budget. The pilot will allow LAO to better assess the costs and benefits of the RAD process. This assessment will inform LAO's longer-term RAD strategy.

More details regarding RAD certificate coverage and the application process will be communicated shortly. If you have any questions, please contact your district director.

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