How LAO allocated the new funding to clinics

Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here is how LAO determined how much new funding it would allocate to each general service clinic.

LAO determined that $2.4 million would be invested in clinics with the fewest resources per low income person.

Funding per low income person in Ontario varies between individual clinics. Overall, however, in 2013/14, LAO provided base funding to Ontario’s general service clinics equivalent to $28 per low income person (total funding to all general service clinics ÷ Ontario’s low-income population).

LAO identified clinics with the fewest resources per low income person as general service clinics with a low-income population of more than 30,000 that were receiving less than $23 per low-income person.

Then LAO calculated an amount to be allocated to each identified general service clinic, taking into consideration the size of its low income population and the amount of funding per low income person in its catchment area.

LAO followed these basic steps to determine how much each clinic will receive:

The ratio of [the funding required for the clinic to meet the provincial average] is to [the total funding required for all identified clinics to meet the provincial average] as [the new funding provided to the identified clinic] is to [the total funding available for all clinics].



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