LAO discusses access to justice crisis on Newstalk 1010

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO’s) Chair, John McCamus, and Director General, Nye Thomas, were guests on Newstalk 1010’s Jerry Agar Show on February 4, 2014, to discuss the access to justice crisis.

Nye Thomas and John McCamus with Jerry Agar at Newstalk 1010

Nye Thomas and John McCamus with Jerry Agar at Newstalk 1010

During the show, John explained how the working poor often have difficulty affording lawyers. He noted that, increasingly, people are having difficulty accessing legal aid because of the eligibility criteria – particularly since eligibility has remained static since 1996.

“It’s a complicated market for legal services,” John said, “and somehow, the supply – at a lower price – is not meeting the demand.”

While acknowledging the provincial government’s additional financial support under a difficult economic climate, John added that the legal needs of low-income Ontarians were expanding and that the justice sector wasn’t meeting those needs as effectively as it could.

In discussing some of LAO’s initiatives in expanding access to justice, Nye talked about the need to use the funding in more effective ways to ensure clients find resolution to their legal matters.

Among the many initiatives that are currently under way, Nye made particular mention of upcoming family law projects.

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