LAO Board approves joint submission to continue funding West Toronto Community Legal Services (WTCLS)

Thursday, March 14

“WTCLS is now moving in the right direction to improve client services and help ensure public funds are used effectively. Given this extra time, we are more optimistic that WTCLS will abide by our conditions and meet the needs of the West Toronto community.”
- Vicki Moretti, Vice-President, GTA Region, Legal Aid Ontario

“We are delighted with this outcome. We will build on our recent successes, and focus our efforts on providing high quality cost-effective services to the low-income members of our community.”
- Kier Munn, Co-Chair, West Toronto Community Legal Services

Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO’s) Clinic Committee of the Board has approved a joint submission from LAO staff and the Board of West Toronto Community Legal Services (WTCLS). This defers reconsideration of the Committee’s decision to not approve the WTCLS funding application due to financial, governance and human resources management concerns.

As part of this approved joint submission, LAO has stipulated terms and conditions related to board governance, operational and financial management, and LAO oversight. These terms and conditions will help LAO maintain its legal requirements to provide appropriate oversight, value for taxpayers, and delivery of high quality legal services to the community in West Toronto.

The approved joint submission provides WTCLS with two consecutive quarters to build on recent improvements and to continue to address the issues behind the LAO Clinic Committee’s funding decision. During this time, LAO will continue to fund WTCLS. 

LAO is committed to supporting these clinic efforts to address its past problems.


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