Clinic Compensation Funding Framework

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Benefits for legal clinics

  • Clearly defined compensation maximums for clinic positions
  • Existing funding levels maintained for positions currently funded above the maximum level
  • No clawback on compensation funding when staff turnover results in a lower salary for a new position than the salary earned by the incumbent
  • More flexibility within compensation funding portion of LAO funding
  • Elimination of salary compression (inequitably small salary differences between staff at different levels)
  • Other sources of funding, pay-for-performance increases and bonus payments allowed.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has approved a Clinic Compensation Funding Framework (CCFF) as well as a compensation increase for eligible clinics for fiscal year 2012/13.

The CCFF explains how LAO will provide compensation funding for clinics.

LAO’s board developed this framework after province-wide consultations with clinics throughout Ontario and with support and analysis from Mercer, a well known global consulting firm with compensation expertise.

Compensation increase for 2012/13

The LAO board also approved a compensation increase for eligible clinics for 2012/13 of two per cent, retroactive to April 1, 2012, plus a one per cent pay equity for the 2013 calendar year. The compensation funding increase will flow through the new CCFF.

This latest increase fulfills the provincial government’s commitment under the New Investment Funding Program to improve clinic compensation. With this payment, LAO has provided clinics with all the funding earmarked for compensation increases under this program. Compensation funding for eligible clinics has increased by 16.75% since March 2010 through the New Investment Funding Program.



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