LAO issues report for second quarter

Posted on: Friday, January 18, 2013

Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO) second quarter (Q2) report, covering the organization’s activities between July and September 2012, is now available.

Among its highlights:

  • Total revenues in Q2 2012/13 were $92.4 million – up from budgeted revenues of $91.1 million.
  • Administration costs are expected to be $36.25 million for the fiscal year – 20.2 per cent below the $45.45 million budgeted.
  • LAO forecasts $377.34 million in operating expenses for 2012/13 – 2.1 per cent lower than the $385.52 million budgeted.

LAO produces these reports regularly to provide the public with ongoing updates on LAO’s financial position, client services, legal aid certificates and lawyer payments.

Read the report in English

Read the report in French


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