3 easy ways to get help with your family law issue

Posted on: Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you need information about your family law matter? Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) offers several options for Ontarians who need to navigate the family law system. Here are three free ways to get help:

  1. The Family Law Information Program (FLIP) – A free online resource for families about to enter the family justice system. FLIP gives you easy-to-understand information on dispute resolution, legal representation and much more. This online program is a must-see if you’re new to the family court system.

  2. Family Law Information Centres (FLIC) – Located in most courthouses where family law matters are heard, FLICs offer free assistance and information. At the FLIC, advice lawyers from Legal Aid Ontario can answer questions, provide summary legal advice, and review legal documents for family matters. This service is only provided during certain hours. Contact the FLIC near you for more information.

  3. The best resource is right at your fingertips! The family section of LAO’s website gives you information about all of LAO’s family law services, as well as links to other programs and services. Take a look at our questions section to see how we can help with your family law issue.