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Legal Aid Ontario establishes Complex Case Rate panel

Posted on: Friday, April 1, 2011

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is implementing new Complex Case Rate panel standards to provide qualified criminal lawyers with an enhanced rate for work on complex criminal cases. The new standards and increased compensation will improve access to justice by helping legal aid clients retain high quality legal representation for their legal matter.

Starting April 1, 2011, lawyers representing legal aid clients on qualified complex criminal matters will be required to join LAO’s Complex Case Rate (CCR) panel in order to receive the higher rate of compensation. This new panel was developed in consultation with the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA), and is in accordance with LAO’s CCR policy.

Lawyers seeking admittance to the CCR panel on or after April 1 must submit an application form to LAO, as well as meet the prerequisites of membership on the Extremely Serious Matters panel and the general criminal panel; complete Law Society of Upper Canada and LawPRO information releases in favour of LAO; and provide three references. Applications for CCR empanelment should be submitted to LAO for consideration.

Lawyers admitted to the panel will receive written confirmation from LAO, and can then bill at the increased rate on eligible cases. For a case to receive CCR funding, the following three-part test must be satisfied:

  1. the lawyer must be a member of the CCR panel
  2. the case must be in LAO’s Big Case Management (BCM) program
  3. the case must meet the CCR Case Eligibility Criteria

For information on becoming a CCR panel member, or on CCR case criteria, refer to our website.


For more information please contact:

Charles Lafortune
Director General, Provincial Case Management Office