Online tool helps LAO staff bring faster same-day decisions to legal aid applicants.

Posted on: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Legal Aid Ontario’s simplified application process is helping eligible clients get legal aid assistance faster than ever before. In the past year, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) assisted 44,000 applicants through this process – more than twice the amount of low-income Ontarians than in 2008 and 2009.

The simplified application process is an online tool that LAO intake staff use to expedite the processing of legal aid applications. This initiative was found to net huge benefits for LAO clients as it reduced the average time to process an application by 62 per cent. In turn, this improved the number of same-day decisions and allowed clients to move forward with their legal matters more quickly. Over the past two years, LAO has been able to assist more than 85,000 applicants through this technology-assisted process.

The simplified application process is one of the many innovative projects Legal Aid Ontario has undertaken to improve legal aid services. For more information about other LAO initiatives to enhance services for clients, see the links below: