Block fees will improve legal aid for clients and lawyers

Posted on: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Legal Aid Ontario is transforming how it delivers its services across the province to make legal aid help and information more easily accessible to low-income Ontarians. LAO’s new model provides better oversight and management of legal aid services and service providers and better service for clients.

As part of these initiatives, LAO will begin paying lawyers block fees for the successful resolution of some of the most common criminal charges. Under the block fee system, lawyers will be better able to plan and manage their income because they will know in advance how much they will be paid for a particular service. Clients will benefit from a system that recruits and retains a supply of high quality lawyers and encourages them to resolve cases efficiently and effectively.

The block fee program implements a key provision of the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG), the Criminal Lawyers Association (CLA), and LAO.

LAO is committed to working with other justice system stakeholders so the needs of low-income Ontarians continue to come first.

LAO is consulting with the CLA on the final details of the first phase of block fees and will provide detailed information about the program on this website.

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