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Billing Deadlines

Information for Lawyers

Tips on how to meet LAO billing deadlines for certificate accounts

LAO has an 18-month billing rule. This means that within six months of the annual anniversary date of a certificate, you must submit an interim or final account for all fees and disbursements incurred within each previous 12-month period of the certificate.

To make sure you meet this deadline:

  • Give yourself enough notice to prepare and submit accounts on time.

    Put two reminders into your calendars or diaries:

    1. The three anniversary dates 12, 24 and 36 months from the issue date on the certificate (not the effective date, acknowledgement date or date you started to act).
    2. Three months after the anniversary dates or three months prior to the billing deadlines.
  • Give yourself enough time to get authorizations or, if necessary, have the certificate returned to good standing.

    On the anniversary date, make sure:

    1. the certificate is acknowledged; if it has not been acknowledged, contact the Lawyer Service Centre to find out whether you need a replacement certificate.
    2. all the authorizations needed to submit the account have been obtained; accounts cannot be paid for services not authorized.*
    3. (if billing after the date of cancellation or date of termination) the certificate is active; services rendered after cancellation or termination may not be paid.*

    * Contact the district office if any authorizations are required to submit the account or if you need to bill and find that the certificate is inactive

  • Do not wait until a case is completed to submit your account, unless your case falls under block fee accounts.

  • Bill for all work and disbursements for each 12-month period, even if the fees are less than $500 and disbursements are less than $50.