Support for test cases

The test case program committee

This committee provides LAO with expert, independent advice on applications for legal aid assistance for public interest matters. To make recommendations to LAO on supporting public interest matters, the committee applies a public interest matter eligibility test that includes consideration of a range of eligibility factors.

The test case program committees role is that of an expert advisory committee. It is LAO that makes final decisions on matters that committee recommends for support.

The committee currently includes:

  • Meeting Chair: Wayne van der Meide, Regional Manager, Provincial Case Management Office

  • W. Vincent Clifford, Lawyer - Edelson Clifford DAngelo Friedman LLP, Ottawa; Term Professor, Faculty of Common Law University of Ottawa, certified specialist in criminal law

  • Marlys Edwardh, lawyer, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP, Toronto; expert in criminal law, constitutional law, appellate litigation

  • Janet Mosher, Associate Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto; expert in poverty law, access to justice, evidence and legal process

  • Ryan Peck, executive director, HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario; expert in poverty law, human rights

  • Kate Sellar, lawyer, Human Rights Legal Support Centre, Toronto; expert in human rights

  • David Shannon, Shannon law office, Thunder Bay, expert in mental health law and human rights.

  • Elizabeth Thomas, executive director, Correctional Law Project in Kingston; expert in prison law, criminal law

  • Chantal Tie, lawyer, Human Rights Legal Support Centre, Toronto & Ottawa; expert in human rights, immigration and refugee law

Meeting dates scheduled for 2016

Listed below are the scheduled committee meetings for 2016:

Application deadline Meeting date
Jan. 7 Jan. 21
Feb. 4 Feb. 18
Mar. 3 Mar. 17
Apr. 7 Apr. 21
May 5 May 19
June 2 June 16
July 7 July 21
Aug. 4 Aug. 18
Sept. 1 Sept. 15
Oct. 6 Oct. 20
Nov. 3 Nov. 17
Dec. 1 Dec. 15

For further information

Please contact:

Wayne van der Meide
Regional Manager, Provincial Case Management Office
Legal Aid Ontario
Tel: (613) 238-7931 ext.58