For refugee and immigration lawyers

LAO's refugee staff services

Refugee claimants who apply to legal aid for services in support of their Refugee Protection Division (RPD), Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) or federal court proceedings can request services from an LAO employee. Claimants who do not have counsel at the time of application will be offered, and can make their own choice, between staff services, clinic or private bar services.

Toronto: Refugee Law Office

The Refugee Law Office (RLO) specializes in refugee law. It can provide services in several languages, including French, Dari, Spanish, Somali, and Swahili. The RLO assists clients with their Basis of Claim forms, hearing representation before the RPD, applications to the RAD, detention reviews, and appeals of deportation orders and federal court hearings, including stays of removal.

The RLO also delivers an annual refugee professional development conference to the bar and other stakeholders. In addition, resources permitting, the RLO provides opportunities for mentoring and coaching junior counsel.

Refugee Law Office Strategic plan 2014-2017

Ottawa: Integrated Legal Services Office refugee services

Refugee lawyers provide assistance with refugee and immigration law matters including but not limited to preparation of Basis of Claim forms, representation at hearings before the RPD, representation at detention hearings, and in some cases, assistance with RAD matters and federal court judicial reviews.

Southwestern Ontario: Hamilton District office

A fulltime refugee lawyer supports refugee claimants in southwestern Ontario, including London and Windsor in addition to Hamilton. The lawyer also works closely with the Fort Erie Multicultural Centre to fill gaps in access to refugee services in Fort Erie. Services include preparation of Basis of Claim Forms (BoC) and hearing representation at the Refugee Protection Division.