For family lawyers

Independent legal advice for mediation clients

Family mediation can help disputing parents develop workable solutions that focus on the best interests of their children. It can minimize the conflict, delay and costs of formal courtroom processes.

Province-wide, lawyers who are on the family panel can offer eligible mediation clients up to six hours of independent legal advice before, during or after entering into any legal agreement based on mediation.

This independent legal advice can include services such as:

  • help in better understanding of the mediation process and options
  • preparing for mediation
  • getting a court order or binding agreement to enforce the terms of the mediation agreement
  • support in custody, access, child or spousal support matters
  • customary care agreements
  • voluntary care agreements
  • parenting or separation agreements
  • changing existing agreements or orders

Step by step

  1. Clients call toll-free line

    Please ask potential clients to call LAO's toll-free line at 1-800-668-8258 to see if they're financially eligible for independent legal advice for their family mediation case.

  2. Client retains a lawyer

    Once approved, clients get a mediation package; it will include a client number and referral ID. Clients also receive a list of family panel lawyers, from which they select and retain one.

  3. Get independent legal advice authorization

    LAO acknowledges the certificate Family lawyers log onto Legal Aid Online to acknowledge the certificate before proceeding to help the client.


Questions and answers

Call the Lawyer Service Centre at 1-866-979-9934.