Getting legal help

Types of complaints: Questions and Answers

Eligibility complaints

How do I report someone believed to be defrauding legal aid?

Contact Legal Aid Ontario's Complaints Department.

You can also call the Ethics Hotline, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, at 1-877-312-7753.

Will my information remain anonymous?

Yes. Anonymous complaints are accepted.

Will I be advised of the action taken and results?

No. Legal Aid Ontario employees are prohibited under the Legal Aid Services Act from disclosing or discussing the relationship of any individual to Legal Aid Ontario. We will, however, prevent or correct any misuse of our services.

How is a person determined eligible for legal aid?

A person must meet legal and financial eligibility criteria to qualify for legal aid services. Learn more.

Lawyer complaints

I have a complaint about my lawyer. How do I report his or her conduct?

Legal Aid Ontario is committed to providing high-quality legal services for low-income Ontarians. We want to know if clients are not satisfied with the legal services they have received. If you have a complaint about the service provided to you by your certificate lawyer or LAO staff lawyer, you should contact our Complaints Department. You can speak to us by phone or in person, send us a fax or an email, or fill out a LAO complaint form. The Complaints Department can help you fill out this form.

LAO also recommends you send your complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Certificate lawyers are not employees of Legal Aid Ontario. They are private members of the bar who agree to accept legal aid clients in their practice. Their actions are governed by rules of professional conduct mandated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC).

  • By mail: Law Society of Upper Canada
    Customer Service Department
    Complaints Services
    Law Society of Upper Canada
    130 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N6

  • By phone: 1-800-268-7568

  • Website:

Lawyer accounts/bills

I have an issue with my lawyer’s bill.

What do I do if:

  • I want to dispute my lawyer’s account?
  • I have not received a copy of my lawyer’s account?
  • My lawyer is requesting money in addition to a legal aid certificate?
  • There is a lien on property pending settlement of lawyer accounts?

For any issue with your lawyer’s bill, contact Legal Aid Ontario’s Complaints Department: