Provincial fund to expand clinic law services eligibility criteria

Questions & answers

Questions and answers related to concerns expressed by clinics pertaining to the funding of future cost increases for staff hired from financial eligibility funding

Q. Will future increases to salaries and benefits be funded from clinics’ annual financial eligibility funding allocations?

For 2015/16 and 2016/17, clinics will pay costs typically borne by clinics, and LAO will pay costs typically borne by LAO.

Q. What happens in 2017/18?

LAO will consult with the clinics on this matter.

Q. Would 2015/16 increases to base compensation funding apply to staff hired as a result of the expansion of financial eligibility?

The Clinic Compensation Framework. 2015/16 compensation increases apply only to staff hired before April 2015.

Q. What about pay equity?

For 2015, clinics may choose to pay the pay equity portion of salaries of staff hired from their financial eligibility funding. LAO funding for the 2016 pay equity adjustment will be based on 2015 payroll (T4), which may include staff hired using financial eligibility funding.

Q. Will clinics be required to report financial eligibility funding separately?

LAO requires clinics, on their quarterly financial reports, to identify, separately, expenses paid from the new financial eligibility funding provided in 2014/15 only.

Starting with the 2015/16 funding, LAO will not require separation of reporting on financial eligibility funding.

Clinics will need to report the results and outcomes achieved as a result of the new financial eligibility funding, for example the increase in clients served, as identified in the details on clinic financial eligibility expansion for 2015/16 pages on the LAO website.